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Last Week @ L8TENCY


Overwatch Qualifier 3

On Monday, we saw several teams battle it out for the top placements in our 3rd qualifier event. The return of DKFanClub and The Swarm to retain their top placements was toppled by new entrants Solstice and G-Force! An incredible number of matches led to G-Force taking the win for Qualifier 3. We'll see them and Solstice at our Invitational in May!


Looking for Sponsors and Partners

We are continuing to look and chat with companies and organizations to work with for our Overwatch Invitational in May. If you're interested in working with us, please reach out!


Next Weeks Events

April 16th marks the first qualifier for Rocket League Season One! Grab your team and jump into the fun! Grab your spot in our Invitational and that sweet cash prize!

April 20th is our first Valorant Qualifier! This event is open to all teams of all ranks!


Blog News

PUBG Continental Series 6

“On top of the prize money teams will be earning PUBG Global Circuit points which will come into play for the 2022 championship event following PCS 7 in Summer of this year. You can catch all the action starting April 15 with The Americas region kicking things off with 4 broadcasting teams.“

A Small Non-binary streamer speaks about the struggles of streaming on the platform

“Kaeli has been streaming on Twitch for 4 years, starting their journey in 2018. When asked about why they started and what inspired them to start streaming, their answer was pretty simple.”

Street Fighter V : Definitive Update

“The Definitive Update features many up and coming changes to get players ready for the release of Street Fighter 6 which comes out Summer 2023. The most shocking feature in this patch is the addition of new EX moves for many of the main cast.”

European Masters Spring 2022

“The first stage of play begins with qualification and play-in group stage where we will see 16 of the 28 teams battle it out to advance to the knockout stage. Only 2 teams in each group will survive this stage and move on.”


Thanks for reading!

- Maverick and Serial


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