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Collegiate Rocket League 2022 - World Championship

Collegiate Rocket League 2022

The 2022 season of the Collegiate Rocket League was one for the history books. It was announced at the beginning of the season that for the first time ever teams from Europe would be able to compete in the CRL.

This past weekend we saw 6 teams from Europe including Berlin Phoenix, Portsmouth Paladins and KIT SC Lawnmowers. These teams joined 10 universities from North America as they battled it out for the title of the first ever Collegiate Rocket League World Champions.

World Championships

The competition started with teams being split into 4 groups to decide which teams would move onto the top 8 bracket. In this stage we only saw 1 upset which saw UCF Knights take down Stockton University to claim the top spot in group D.

Sadly all 6 teams from Europe were eliminated in the group stage with them having a combine record of 2-12 which both wins coming from other Europe teams. The final 8 kicked off with Northwood University and Stockton University advancing to the grand finals.

Once the dust settled we saw Northwood University take the series in a clean 4-0 fashion to become the first ever Collegiate Rocket League World Champions!


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