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Street Fighter V : Definitive Update

Street Fighter V : Definitive Update

As we enter the last year of Street Fighter V many are awaiting for announcements regarding the next year of the Capcom Pro Tour and the Definitive Update. The Definitive Update releases tomorrow March 29th on all platforms. This update is the last balance update scheduled for the title.

The Definitive Update features many up and coming changes to get players ready for the release of Street Fighter 6 which comes out Summer 2023. The most shocking feature in this patch is the addition of new EX moves for many of the main cast. Some of these EX changes have been long awaited such as Akuma's special which will now feature a proper fireball attack that stays true to his previous moves.

Get ready for the definitive update for Street Fighter V, available March 29 featuring: New Battle Balance Update Cel Shading Filter Pixel Filter New Tracksuit Colors CAP-JAMS Remixes In-Game

Some other features included in this patch includes Cel Shading Filter, Pixel Filter, New Tracksuit Colors and CAP-JAMS Remixes In-Game. Both Cel Shading and Pixel Filters will only be available in the offline mode to give players a retro look to the much loved Street Fighter V online mode.



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