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PlayStation State of Play

PlayStation Virtual Reality 2

The show kicked things off giving us 4 PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 titles currently in development. These titles include Resident Evil Village, Saint and Sinners Chapter 2, No Man Sky and Horizon Call of the Mountains, a VR experience based in the universe shaped by Aloy.

We still do not know a direct release date of the 2nd generator of PSVR but these games will all work on the current models if it takes you a while to get your hands on one.

What's new ?

We were also shown a total of 9 other titles including 7 coming from 3rd party groups. One of the most anticipated of these titles include The Callisto Project, a horror game produced by the original Dead Space team. If horror isn't your thing we are also getting a game called Stray which features a world were only robots exist and you must explore what happened to mankind as a cat.

Other titles coming later this year and in 2023 include Rollerdrome, Eternights, Tunic and Season : A Letter to the Future.

Ending with a Bang!

The 2 heavy hitters of the event included our first full look at both Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI. From a new character Jamie to the confirmed return of Chun-Li we are heading into a open world style game featuring both old and new colliding. Final Fantasy epic return with another game in the series instead of a fan favorite remake should also help the series stay in its glory days.

If you missed the PlayStation State of Play, Watch Here


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