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Wild Rift - Champions Southeast Asia

Wild Rift

Riot Games is currently on a global take over of the gaming scene, bringing the world of League of Legends to all forms of media from television series to comics to even now a card game. One of their newest adventures is Wild Rift, a compacted version of League of Legends based in the universe of Runeterra.

Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra will both expand on the larger League of Legends universe to prepare the community for many other of Riot Games future titles such as Project L. Many are excited and partly spectacle to see what is coming from Riot Games in the near future.

Champions Southeast Asia

The esports scene for Wild Rift definitely had a wild start following many of those involved day 1 being invited directly rather then competitive players strictly. Riot Games took the same approach it did with many of their other titles by creating the competitive scene around highly profiled content creators and not the best of the best and those committed to its scene. An action that is frowned upon in many parts of the gaming world.

Following the bumpy start Riot Games has announced many series and circuits for the title to give everyone the opportunity to show why they are the best. One of these series is the Champions Southeast Asia. The Champions Southeast Asia season will feature 6 different regions as they all battle it out from February 27th to March 27th. Those who survive this stage will qualify for the playoffs and will fight for glory April 1st-10th.

The 6 regions taking part in this circuit are Indonesia, MYSG, Philippines, Thailand, TWHKMO and Vietnam. These regions will be battling it out for a total of $840,000 USD as well as 8 spots in the Wild Rift Champions Circuit 2022. Each country will feature 8 teams with 2 of them coming from the opener event last year while the rest qualify over the course of 2 events.

We have to wait to see who will be competing in the circuit as most of the teams invited to compete are not full rosters or even rosters at all. Many teams have yet to reveal who they will have carrying their name and banner into the main event.


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