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Microsoft Teases collaboration with Wolverine, for Halo inspired boots

On March 25th, Microsoft teased a collaboration with Wolverine, a 139-year-old footwear company that will be creating a boot inspired by Master Chief, via Twitter.

During a recent press release, fans pointed out that Wolverine's recent Hellcat boot, made in August 2020, looked like something out of Halo. Taking nearly a year to make along with 345 individuals working on the project, Wolverine created a real boot that fans can buy, but in limited quality and a high price tag.

In terms of release, only 117 of these boots will be available on Wolverine's website to buy. The boots will set you back $225 dollars in total. The boots will be dropping on March 29th at 9 am PT/12 pm ET.

The boots themselves, each pair has Master Chief's Spartan number, 117, which is printed on the exterior heel of the left boot. The boots also feature the UNSC insignia on each boot, while the logo for the Materials Group, the fictional group that creates all things Halo, including Master Chief's armor, is also featured on the boots. The leather boots feature "UltraSpring" technology that makes them feel rugged and light.

In other news, the new Halo Tv show is now streaming on Paramount Plus+



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