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Harry Potter Legacy

Here's what we know about the newest game in the Harry Potter Franchise

The game will launch during the 2022 winter season for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Sony released a video showcasing 15 minutes of gameplay on Thursday afternoon, during a State of Play Livestream dedicated to the Hogwarts Legacy and gameplay.

The new Harry Potter game promises fans a new open-world experience that allows players to be a new witch or wizard except they are a fifth-year student. The game's introduction will bring players up to speed with controls, systems, and character customization, as well as bringing the characters up to date with the present story.

The gameplay trailer also revealed and showed off the first villains of the game, along with a surprising link to how the game is connected to the events of the Harry Potter books. The first villain we see is an entirely new character/ villain that your character is tasked with stopping a rebellion against. Rankrok is a Goblin and this wouldn't be the first time that a Goblin rebelled due to prejudice and segregation and being considered inferior to wizards and witches. Rankrok's hatred fuels the rebellion and through the trailer, we see that Goblins will actually be using magic in the gameplay. Rankrok is even able to use magic without a wand.

The second villain we see in the gameplay trailer is Victor Rookwood. Rookwood leads a faction of dark wizards who also form a very uneasy alliance with Rankrok in Hogwarts Legacy. It will be extremely interesting to see how Hogwarts Legacy ties into the lore and established timeline and universe of Harry Potter.

The game also seems to go into all the requirements for an action RPG. From crafting potions and magical items to skill and perk trees, to follower and friends parties, where NPC's add special perks and talents to the group.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.


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