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L8nc creator program

A 12 session masterclass on all things content creation. The goal of this program is to take passionate creators from hobbyists to professionals in just 12 classes. This program has 5 FREE slots for the 'L8NC Creator Class of 2023'. This program will consist of the following classes:

  • Introduction to Branding and Identity - Part 1

  • Introduction to Branding and Identity - Part 2

  • Introduction to Social Media Management

  • Developing your Social Media

  • Growing your Twitter following

  • Growing your Twitch/YouTube following

  • Advanced Social Media Management

  • Advanced Marketing Strategies

  • Monetizing your content

  • Advanced Marketing on YouTube

  • Advanced Monetization

  • Advanced Twitch and Twitter


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upcoming projects

Take a peek at some of our upcoming projects. These projects will Open for Early Beta Access through our Discord server.

For Competitors

The team at L8TENCY are constantly working on ways to make it quicker and easier to find competitions to play in. To streamline the process so you can get right into the competition. We will be launching a new tool for competitors and managers to use to find and enter competitions easier than ever before! Head to our Discord to be the FIRST to gain access to this tool when it launches February 2023!

For Gamers

This project is very early in development so we can't share too much detail. Here's a hint: Ever wondered what your friends top 10 games are? Ever wanted to see how your top games rank against everyone else? Expect this project to roll out Q4 2023.


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