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Valorant Scrim Arena

This is L8TENCY's new Scrim Arena, a place for all teams to find more formal matches against other teams!

This arena is what our community makes of it so make sure to provide any feedback you can and we will adjust our Scrim System accordingly!


L8TENCY recently purchased Frost Esports, a dynamic competitive gaming organization, established in June 2020, with a primary focus on Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU), and Valorant.

The organization looks forward to building on its successes and creating even more memorable moments for players and fans alike.

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PLAYCHART is a new project we are currently developing. This  is for gamers to rank their all-time favorite games, compare top lists with fellow players, and chat about which games truly rule.

Get ready to dive into a fun, game-loving community where you can share your passion and make new friends along the way!

The team at L8TENCY are constantly working on ways to make it quicker and easier to find tournaments to play in. We aim to streamline the process so you can get right into the competition. We will be launching a new tool for competitors and managers to use to find and enter competitions easier than ever before! Head to our Discord to be the FIRST to gain access to this tool when it launches May 2023!


Controller Chronicles

We've started assembling the TOP articles to Level Up your esports endeavors. Whether you're an esports organization, player, event administrator, caster or producer, we're compiling the BEST tips, tricks and guides in esports! 


Join a community of casual gamers, competitors and content creators. Participate in tournaments and join a rapidly expanding group of esports enthusiasts! 

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