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Twitch Streamers Urge Twitch to create a Disability Pride Month for creators

As people may know, Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms to date. With over one million viewers and streamers, Twitch has been trying to create a more inclusive environment for streamers and viewers alike.

In an effort to make Twitch more inclusive, one Twitch streamer has urged Twitch to create a disability pride month. In the past, Twitch has featured Pride Month, Black History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month, on their front page to include a few of their effort to make Twitch an inclusive place for streamers and viewers of all kinds.

One Streamer noticed that Twitch didn't have a disability Pride Month and decided to take action. Going by the name @QueerlyBee, they decided to create a campaign to spread awareness about disabled creators and hopefully bring this month to Twitch.

The user's voice reads: "Twitch does an excellent job curating teams and featuring marginalized creators on the front page during identity-based pride months. However, I've never seen one of these happen for disabled creators which I believe is a big missed opportunity.

Being a content creator as a disabled person adds a whole host of additional challenges, such as navigating algorithms that favor consistency with inconsistent bodies. Finding games and programs that are accessible for us for streaming, etc.

I would love to see Twitch uplift the hardworking disabled creators by also hosting a Disability Pride Month and highlighting disabled creators the way they do with Black History Month, AAPI month, LGBTQIA+ month, etc." -QueerlyBee.

With over 836 votes on Twitch User Voice, the creator hopes that Twitch will see and make a change to their front page features. For more information on the campaign and to vote, click the link below.



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