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Twitch adds more emotes for Affiliate and Partner streamers

On November 18th, Twitch announced the release of more Affiliate and Partner slots for their emotes. Affiliates now have a max of nine emote slots, increasing the amount of emote slots from five to nine. They will also have the option to upload five animated emotes. This brings the maximum Tier one Subscription option to 14 emotes, in total.

This is huge news for Twitch Affiliates who struggle to compete with Twitch Partners, who have more perks. It gives Twitch Affiliates the option to finally grow their communities by adding more fun emotes to their streams. In the upcoming weeks, Twitch will begin rolling out this feature, but it will take time to get to all streamers. So streamers shouldn't panic if they don't see the emote options under their creator dashboards.

In order to receive these slots, Affiliates must gain 50 subscriber points in order to achieve the slots for Tier One Subscribers. As a reminder, this doesn't count towards Tier Two, Three, Bits Emotes, and Follower Emotes. Twitch Partners will also be receiving more emotes. With this update, Partners will be receiving an additional five more emote slots for both Tier Two and Tier Three, which is a big change to their Tiers, which costs $9.99 and $24.99.

Twitch did this update due to both community feedback and the fact that many viewers and streamers alike use emotes as a form of communication in their communities along with other communities. Twitch continues to grow as a platform and these changes will definitely help with that.



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