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The Suggestion for Twitch to Increase the SubSpilt and Lower Payment Threshold

Why has it become a big deal?

Twitch has become a huge platform over the years and many small streamers have complained about how the payment works through Twitch. Many have stated that the revenue spilt between big streamers and small streamers is unfair. While big streamers get more of the revenue, small streamers often struggle with making the payment cash out of $100. Which for some, determines whether or not, they can afford essentials such as groceries.

Posted on December 16th, 2020, on the Twitch user forums by a user named SaltyWyvern, the post has received a ton of traction, with over 17,902 votes and 549 comments. The post states this;

"Change revenue split between streamers and lower payout minimums

I believe these recommendations combined would positively make a huge impact for every streamer and supporter. Change the payout split between streamers and Twitch. Right now affiliates and most partners only get a 50% split from Twitch subscriptions ($2.50 USD). I would like to see all streamers get a minimum 70% revenue split from subscriptions with a higher revenue split for all partners at 80%. Currently, both Facebook and YouTube streamers get a 70% split from subscriptions (and they have the option to create custom subscriber tiers with Youtube). In addition, I would like to see Twitch lower its payout minimum which is currently $100 USD to $10 - $20 USD. A $100 USD payout is the equivalent of 40 subscriptions not including bits or ad revenue. For the smaller streamers to benefit from that financial support a viewer gives them, they need to be able to actually receive it in a reasonable amount of time. To put this in perspective: Amazon Affiliates' monthly payout minimum is 10 USD (they also give the option to pay out with gift cards) and Patreon's monthly payout minimum is only 3 USD."

This is a huge deal. Since many smaller streams need the financial support a viewer gives and to receive it in a small amount of time. Many users agreed with this idea. Here are a few comments from the forum.

"Agreed, we need content creators to see more of the revenue they generate, the services provided by Twitch do not currently justify the revenue split." -Cielwave

"I believe this will lead to more quality content and a wider path for creators to make the jump to the full-time creator.

In addition, those creators who are already full-time will have more room to take more chances and spend more time planning their events ... which will lead to healthier lifestyles and even more content.

Imo, everyone wins, even Twitch." -kurtiswow

"I'd like to get one payout before I leave for another streaming setup that isn't basically robbing me and my friends of money. I have $24 and am a small streamer, this may take some time"-thecraftingrat

But many people on Twitter seem skeptical, some even saying that even if Twitch sees this, that a real change will not happen unless bigger partners will get involved with the company. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.



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