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The Return of CEO Gaming

After nearly 900 days we got to see the return of the Fighting Game Championships presented by CEO Gaming. Following Covid19, we saw nearly every event across the globe shutdown either temporarily or permanently. The fighting game community was one of those scenes hit the hardest during this time since most games in this scene do not have proper online support and servers.

CEO Gaming once again returned to the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida. The event featured 18 total events, 8 of which being community events. Nearly 3200 players traveled to Florida to compete in these events. Many came for glory but most came to celebrate the love they have for the games they players. This was the first time in nearly 2 years that a lot of these players have competed in person due to the pandemic.

Who walked out of the ring a champion ?

The champions of CEO walk away with much more than just the title of winner and the prize money involved. They walked out of the ring with a belt to solidify their win. We saw many international players travel to the USA and return home with one of these belts. Arslan Ash is a Tekken 7 player from Pakistan who took the event by storm. He took 1st of 470 total competitors and walked away with $2,350 in prize money.

CEO Gaming closed out the event with Guilty Gears Strive, the most anticipated game of the year. We saw a total of 748 competitors battle it out to be the first ever CEO GG Strive Champion. After near 72 hours of non stop action at the event we saw Console Gaming League own K7 walk away victorious.

More than just competition

Major events have become the perfect opportunity for developers to announce new titles and new updates coming to the games they produce. This CEO did not fall short at all in this department as we saw many announcements from ArcSystemWorks. They announced not only that Baiken will be joining the Guilty Gears Strive cast, but also that they will be bringing rollback netcode to their other fighting game titles.



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