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Smite World Championship

Hi-Rez Showcase

The Hi-Rez Showcase took place from January 4th to January 9th and featured multiple events such as the Rogue Company Showdown Invitational and the Smite World Championship. We also got many anticipated announcements for all Hi-Rez titles including Rogue Company, Smite and Paladins.

Smite World Championship

The 2021 Smite season has came to an end with the Smite World Championship. This event took place January 6th to January 9th. We saw the best 6 teams from across the year battle it out for $400,000. The Smite World Championship event featured 1st and 2nd from the Smite Pro League and 4 last chance qualifiers teams.

These teams battled it out in a single elimination bracket over the course of 3 days. Tartarus Titans and Jade Dragons received byes for placing top 2 in the pro league. Once the dust settled we saw Tartarus Titans take on the Atlantis Leviathans. Atlantis came out on top taking it 3-0 securing the championship after being seeded to lose in round 1. This also marks only the 2nd time in Smite history that the year ended in a 3-0 victory.



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