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Smash World Tour 2021

Smash World Tour

The Smash World Tour 2021 was a global circuit organized by Beardog Events. The circuit ran from March 13th to November 21st. The circuit then concluded December 17-19th in Orlando, Florida. The competition featured over 25 events split across the 3 phases of play. Players fought for glory and for a share of the $195,000 in prize money split across Melee and Ultimate.

Many around the world are hopeful to see another season of the Smash World Tour but much of the tour was side tracked by the pandemic or other factors. A lot were also sadden by the fact that the Melee portion of the tour was invitational and not open to players across the world. Many globally ranked players were even left out of the event due to players limitations.

Melee Championship

The Melee portion of the world tour did not have qualifiers like it's Ultimate counter part but instead featured 16 players invited from the 7 regions. The 40 players invited to compete in the championship event included 32 qualifying players as well as 8 from the last chance qualifiers.

Multiple players had to miss the finals such as Zain and IBDM who were replaced by Ben and Zamu. North America ultimately reigned supreme in the championship event but Trif held on strong to bring home 4th for Spain being the last international player in the event. Once the dust settled Plup from Panda Global walked away victorious.

Ultimate Championship

The Ultimate portion of the world tour featured a total of 11 qualifiers to narrow down those who got to take part in the regional finals. The format from this point followed Melee with 40 total players advancing to the championship event.

Ultimate also featured many top international players such as XIFL, who was the only East Asia representation at the finals. The final 4 of the competition featured fan favorite Sparg0 who manged to take home 3rd overall. Mexico's own MKLeo reigned victorious in securing the Ultimate title.



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