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Rogue Company Invitational

Checkmate Gaming Esports

Since the launch of Rogue Company we have seen Checkmate Gaming Esports organize events for players across the world. Each month since March we have seen teams compete in 4 week circuits that include 3 qualifiers and a finals. These events have seen $13,000 total paid out each month to the top 8 teams.

They have recently partnered with Hi-Rez Studios for the Showdown Invitational that took place January 4th and 5th. This event featured 6 teams comprised of 4 invited and 2 qualifying rosters. The 2 qualifying teams came from online events hosted the first 2 weekends of December leading up to the main event.

Hi-Rez Showcase

The Hi-Rez Showcase takes place from January 4th to 9th 2022 and will feature many events and announcements from the studio. Those who tuned in got treated to both the Rogue Company Showdown Invitation and the Smite World Championships. Both of these events featured the same format of 6 global teams battling it out for $10,000 in Rogue Company and $600,000 in Smite.

Many teams were invited to the invitational such as Antimatter Gaming and Elevate. Heading into the event nearly every roster made changes which worried most in the scene since over half of those involved were not core members of the scene. Action kicked off Tuesday with group play where each team will face off against each other to be seeded in the finals bracket.

Once the dust settled we saw Public Hamsters take down Red Notice 3-2 and secure the first ever Rogue Company LAN Championship. Public Hamsters were one of the few rosters invited that were actively a winning team in the scene. Some of their members include Delenaa and GronKy. These 2 have combined for over half of the 10k championships and are now your first ever world champions.



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