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Rocket League Championship Series Winter Major

Rocket League Championship Series Fall Split Recap

The Rocket League Championship Series is the official pro circuit for Rocket League, organized directly by Psyonix and Epic Games. The year is split into 3 seasons that conclude with the World Championship event taking place in August of 2022. The first split, Fall, began back in October of 2021 and closed out just in time to kick start the new year.

The Fall split of the Rocket League Championship Series saw many new changes. The most shocking of them being the expansion to 8 global regions now including 2 Asia Pacific regions and Sub-Saharan Africa. Players from all around the world were finally able to compete at the largest stage. Over the course of the Fall split teams battled it out for a total of over $600,000 with half of it being for the top 16 teams overall.

The Fall major saw the best 16 teams battle it out in a global LAN setting. We saw these teams placed in a pool play style bracket with only the top 8 moving onto the championship bracket. Once the dust settled we saw Team BDS take it over NRG in a crazy last game stand.

Rocket League Championship Series Winter Split Major

The Winter Major is set to take place March 23rd to 27th at the YouTube Theather in Los Angeles. We will see the top 16 teams from this split battle it out for an additional $300,000 of prize money as well as a huge amount of Circuit Ranking Points. Many teams will be making their return to the main stage such as NRG, FaZe Clan and Sandrock Gaming, the lone Middle East representatives.

Rather then us seeing 1 large pool play group this major will feature 4 small groups where players will fight to stay alive in the competition. Only 1 team from each group will advance to winners bracket while the lowest placing teams will be eliminated. Teams 5-12 will be placed in the losers bracket just 1 series away from going home. You can catch the action March 23rd to March 27th on all official Rocket League channels.


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