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RLCS Winter Split 2022

Rocket League Championship Series

The RLCS is back at it again with the announcement of its 2021-2022 season. This season will be broken down into 3 splits, Spring, Winter and Fall. As we head into the Winter portion of the competition many are speculated what else is to come for Rocket League. From being featured at the 2020 Olympics to having televised events 2021 was a huge year for the title.

A new addition to this years competition includes the introduction to new regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. All 8 global regions will battle it out from January 14th to the 23rd as they seek to secure a spot in the RLCS Winter Finals. Between the closed qualifiers and championship event players will be competing for over $700,000 in total prize money.

The first split of the season saw Team BDS come out on top after taking down NRG in the finals. Team BDS head into the next phase as the #1 seeded team in the entirety of RLCS and will seek to stay on top.

Rocket League, from free to play to Olympic sport.

Rocket League has taken the world by storm, literally. Rocket League was chosen to be one of the 2 games featured in the Intel World Open : Road To Tokyo event. This event was in partnership with the 2020 Olympics and was the first time Esports was featured on this level of competition.

The Intel World Open featured over a million in prize money for both Rocket League and Street Fighter V. It featured some of the best players across the world as they battled it out in 3 phases of competition. Once the dust settled we saw Team USA narrow out Team Canada for the North America portion of the finals. Other winners include France, Japan and Australia.



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