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Resident Evil Village: A Game Review

About two days ago, I live-streamed finishing and beating the Resident Evil Village game. I, personally have never played any of the Resident Evil games except this one due to Lady D and her daughters. First off, the graphics of this game are absolutely beautiful. When I was playing the castle level, I didn't want to leave due to the architecture and the overall homey and warm vibe I got from the place. Even though the basement is a completely different story. With a great storyline, jumpscares that still got me when I played the second time around, and an awesome assortment of weapons and equipment, I'd highly recommend this game. The only two things I'd change is more storytime for Lady D and her daughters along with Donna, due to the fact that you kill them within the first hour of the game. I also didn't like playing as Ethan, at all. He was annoying and difficult to play as. I'm super excited for the DLC and I hope they give the lords more storytime and lines than they deserve. I also hope to play as a different character. Maybe one of the maids of the castle or even a Lycan.



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