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PUBG Console League

PUBG Console Esports League

For the first time ever PUBG Corp has decided to support the console scene of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. They teamed up with PUBG Console League for season 9. This league featured 64 teams from North America as they battled it out for $10,000. The competition lasted from March to August. We saw teams placed in 4 groups with each stage eliminating teams until only 16 remained.

Once the dust settled we saw Winners Circle come out on top. They walked away with half of the total prize pool. Shortly behind them we saw The M8s and GENESIS take 2nd and 3rd. The event brought a lot of attention thanks to PUBG Corp with a total of over 1,500 viewers during the finals. The league was a great success and now they are expanding to host events for not just North America.

I think it is safe to say that Winners Circle will be back later this year as they seek to be back to back champions. This group of players have achieved nearly 100 total tournament victories since July of 2019.


Season 10 of the PUBG Champion Series will feature events for North America, LATAM and Europe. These events will act as qualifiers for the year end LAN Finals. The first official LAN event for console players of PUBG. We will see 24 teams from each of these regions compete for 4 invites to the end of season event. Not much details have been released yet about the LAN Finals outside of the prize pool being $15,000 on top of the $12,000 split between the qualifying teams.



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