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Pokemon Legends Arceus

An honest gaming review

Released on January 29th, Pokemon Players were beyond excited for this new Pokemon game. Playing only Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl as a kid, I went into this game with no expectations due to only playing it on a Nintendo 3DS. My inner child was internal screaming as I loaded up the game for the first time after receiving it the day it was released in the mail.

The game itself has absolutely beautiful graphics and so far, a great storyline that makes the game extremely addicting. I enjoyed the open-world, concept of this game making it more fun to craft and catch the many different types of pokemon in the game. What makes this game different from any other Pokemon game I have played is the fact that the characters are bigger and not their usual mini size, like the other games. As you level up in rank, you craft different poke balls and other healing items for your Pokemon. You can buy different items and also different clothes, which allows you to customize your character more freely.

One of my favorite features so far is unlocking the ability to ride on a pokemon by blowing a flute. So far, I'd give this game 5 out of 5 stars. I hope other Pokemon fans are enjoying this game as much as I am. I also love being able to set Pokemon from the pasture free and see them running around.

Buy the game here before it sells out:



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