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Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2022

Overwatch Collegiate Championship Series

The Overwatch Collegiate Championship Series is back once again in 2022 and is looking to make some big waves. Despite everything going on at Activation and Blizzard whether it is the lawsuits or potential buyout by Microsoft, the team behind Overwatch is still around to show us why collegiate esports is here to stay.

The event will feature 3 stages where players will be competing from February 19th to April 10th. We will see teams battle it out in a Swiss style format before moving into the group stage where the quest for the playoffs begin. You can catch all of the action on the official Blizzards channels.

Stage 1 - Swiss Regional Groups

The first stage of the Overwatch Collegiate Championship Series will run from February 19th to March 12th. We will see schools across the nation battle it out to be in the top 32 in each region. Some teams to lookout for in the East and West divisions are Northwood University and Redbird Esports, the 2 finalist teams from the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2021.

Stage 2 - Group Stage

The next stage of the Overwatch Collegiate Championship Series will kick off right after the Swiss regional groups and will see teams battle it out over 2 weeks in hopes of making the playoffs. We will see teams split into groups of 4 to battle it out and in the end only 2 from each group, 16 overall will stay alive in the competition.

Stage 3 - Playoffs

The top 16 teams will then battle it out in the playoffs for their share of $51,600 in scholarships. The victories will receive nearly half of the total prize pool to go towards their education while all teams in top 8 will earn at least $900 as a roster. These teams will be thrown into a double elimination bracket with the seeding being based off of performance in the previous 2 stages.

You can catch all of the action starting February 19th on official Blizzard networks.



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