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New World Vs. Runescape. Which one is better?

About two days ago, I bought New World because I had heard some great things about it. Growing up, I had spent my time playing Runescape on an old Dell computer by becoming an archer, completing quests, hunting, and fishing. But I eventually became bored. I stopped playing Runescape a month later. Then New World came out. I was extremely impressed with the graphics and the open-world aspect. While playing the game, I didn’t realize that you could play as a male or female, due to the UI not being clear at communicating how to change your gender. Runescape had allowed me to play as either-or and customize both characters to my liking. The combat and crafting were better compared to Runescape. I enjoyed being able to set up camp and hunt to my heart's content. Even though I grew up with Runescape, New World gave me a more complex experience. Which lead to more hours of gameplay and even streaming it on my Twitch channel. Both games are fantastic but I prefer New World due to the complexity and graphics that Runescape, is clearly lacking.



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