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New Horizon Forbidden West Update

Gameplay Trailers break down/ new screenshots

After nearly five years of waiting, New Horizon Forbidden West is releasing in less than two months and fans are beyond excited for it. On December 10th, Playstation released a gameplay trailer known as New Threats Gameplay Trailer and released another trailer on December 16th, called machines of the forbidden west. This gave players a first-hand look at some of both the new three machines and the new gameplay that would be taking place in the game. The three new machines are the armored Rollerback, which rolls through the terrain, Sunwing, an aerial machine, and finally Slitherfang, an acid-spitting snake that slithers through the ground. We also were able to get a look at some of the main characters' new abilities; which include a grabble and a glider.

Fans can expect more of an expansive open world, A majestic frontier, being able to confront new dangers and uncover startling mysteries. The game is expected to release February 18th, 2022. Also posted below are some new photos of the gameplay that were released by Sony. The images are both amazing and as colorful as ever. They show us a bustling town and some more killer details about the game.

For more information - Check out the article here



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