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Most Popular Games to stream on Twitch

Twitch has become an extremely popular platform over the years. The platform itself has ranked over 140 million viewers in total, making it one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. Here are some of the biggest games being played on twitch, at the moment.

Currently ranking number 1 on the list is Just Chatting, where streamers can chill and talk to an audience or just hang around. Ranking number 2 on this list is Grand Auto 5 due to its new update. Ranking number 4 on this list is League of Legends, an extremely popular strategy game. Finally ranking 5 on this list is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a popular shooter game among streamers and viewers alike. If you are interested in Twitch or even just hanging around, definitely check out these categories. When it comes to streaming on Twitch though, I'd stream something that isn't as popular, which will help you gain more viewers.



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