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Matcherino Passes $10,000,000 In Esports Crowd Funding

5 Pillars of Esports

Matcherino is known for many things. Whether it is their industry leading crowdfunding platforms or their trademarked SponsorQuests integration. They have broken down the esports ecosystem into 5 core pillars. Them being Fans, Gamers, Organizers, Publishers and Sponsors. They use these pillars to push the entire ecosystem forward in an effort to grow esports. Between addressing customer needs and improving tournament functionality Matcherino has created an amazing online home to enable all of the esports ecosystem to thrive.

Partnership Program

Matcherino commitment to supporting esports does not stop there. They provide plenty of extra benefits to those creators who have shown the same love for esports as they have. The Matcherino Partnership Program perks include Custom Event URLS, Enhanced Support and the ability to create a "community" on the site.

Another huge milestone that Matcherino accomplished in 2021 was reaching 1,000 total partners across the platform. Some of the top performing partners include NYCFurby, better known as Sabin/Art. Sabin has been around the scene for many years and through his partnership with Matcherino has crowd funded over $400,000 for a total of 1,200 events world wide.

"From the 1st partnership program member @TheBlacktastic to the 1000th @CerberusCGN, it's been quite the journey. Here at Matcherino, we're incredibly proud of how far each and every partner has come in their time with us. We can only hope the next 1000 are as great as the first."




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