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LCS Spring 2022

2022 Season Overview

The 2022 League Championship Series has officially kicked off and will run from January 14th to late August with the season finals being at the end of 2022. Riot Games has partnered with State Farm, Alienware and Secretlab to bring us the new season. With lock ins over we will now see these 10 teams battle it out over 8 weeks to get ready for the spring split playoffs.

Spring Split

The Spring split has already started and so far Team Liquid and FlyQuest are on top with both rosters being 5-1. The bottom 6 teams are all still at risk of missing out on the playoffs with only 1 game separating them all except for Counter Logic Gaming and TSM. While the top 6 teams advance to playoffs only 4 of them begin in winners while the other 2 must face elimination rounds day 1.

These teams will battle it out for a total of $200,000 dollars as well as a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational where they will battle among the other global champions. The top 4 teams will split the money with the remaining 6 teams receiving nothing for the whole season. You can watch playoffs starting April 2nd as we see who will be crowned split 1 champions.


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