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Last Week @ L8TENCY


New Team Members

Meet King, Aakash, and Dom:

An Event Admin and several Tournament Organizers have been added to the team to help us bring you more games to play!


New Qualifier Events

We are constantly looking for games to add to our events! Next week marks the start of our Rocket League Season with Valorant starting shortly after. Head over to our discord so you don't miss out on the event news!


Next Weeks Events

Monday April 11th we will see more teams compete for those limited slots in our May Overwatch Invitational! Will "The Swarm" continue to finish in the top 3? Let's find out together live at 7pm EST on our official Twitch channel!

April 16th marks the first qualifier for Rocket League Season One! Grab your team and jump into the fun! Grab your spot in our Invitational and that sweet cash prize!

Saturday the 9th is our next Game Night! Join the L8TENCY team in some fun games like garticphone, JackBox and more! Hop into our Discord to play!


Blog News

The Future of Gears of War Esports

“The Gears of War 5 era of Gears Esports started back in July 12 2019 where we saw 8 teams battle it out in the Eleague Invitational. Since then we have seen a total of 16 majors organized around the world. We have seen a total of 9 organizations reign champion throughout the history of the scene including UYU, Elevate and Pioneers. “

Microsoft Teases collaboration with Wolverine, for Halo inspired boots

“During a recent press release, fans pointed out that Wolverine's recent Hellcat boot, made in August 2020, looked like something out of Halo.”

Apex Legends Global Series

“The first split of the Apex Legends Global Series is officially in the book as we saw 200 teams globally compete to be named their region champions. These teams battled it out for a total of 1 million dollars split evenly between the 3 major and 2 minor regions. Below are the top 3 teams from each split 1 playoffs.”

Capcom is raising its average employee base salary by 30 Percent

“Capcom will also be improving and increasing individual employee performance review processes and its training programs moving forward. The company will also be reorganized with four departments to continue creating great AA titles.”


Thanks for reading!

- Maverick and Serial

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