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Killer Instinct World Cup 2021 Finals

The Killer Instinct World Cup finals took place this past weekend. It featured a 3v3 invitational event partnered with DevilMayCare and a Women's Cup. These headliners led up to the main event. Which had the top 32 players across the world battle it out for the title of World Cup Champion.

DevilMayCare 3v3

Ultra Arcade and DMC partnered up to bring us a 3v3 invitational bracket to headline the world cup. This event saw 12 players battle it out in a teams style draft tournament. The captains featured players such as Ninja Ostrich, Absolute Xero, Sneerful Water and Ovis Cantus. Ultimate in the end Absolute Xero took the event with Salt God and DragonPunched.

Women's Cup

A new addition to this years KIWC was a $1,000 women's cup. This event featured many of the top female competitors such as LLumiya and Molly Bee. Once the dust settled we saw PinkDiamond walk away champion. This event paired with the Kombo Klash qualifiers saw the total event prize pool reach over $10,000 for the year long circuit.

World Tour Finals

The main event featured the best 32 players globally as they fought it out for their share of the $5,000 prize pool. They also fought for the right to call themselves the Killer Instinct World Cup Champion. The players who qualified consisted of the 5 Kombo Klash winners, 25 highest ranked players and 2 last chance qualifier winners.

The first night of the event began with the last chance qualifiers. We saw FrodoTbgginz and CrazySkateNate walk away with the last 2 spots in the main event. The event featured many powerhouses such as NotAlexV and Yorsh. These 2 players won over 30 of the 37 tour events combined.

We saw many upsets during the group stage of the finals including Bass and ITAMaster, both top 4 seeds being eliminated before the final 8. The upsets continued into the championship bracket as none of the top seeded players made it to the final 4.

After a long fought battle we saw NickyFGC crowned the Killer Instinct World Cup Champion. Nicky has been a community leader and mentor for the KI community for many years. He is also the founder of the UltraTech University, a patron coaching service he offers to help others in the community level up their game.



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