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Killer Instinct World Cup

Killer Instinct Returns

The Killer Instinct World Cup is back for the first time since the 2017-2018 season. A lot has changed since then. Including the team behind Killer Instinct not backing this years competition. This season has been almost entirely crowd funded through players and tournament organizers including Ultra Arcade, Rotendo and DevilMayCare.

This year the competition will be split 4 quarters and will conclude later this year. The top 32 players will battle it out for their share of the $5,000 total prize pool. Each quarter of the world cup features a Kombo Klash, an online major for the tour. Kombo Klash is one of the many ways players can earn a spot in the final event as the winner auto qualifies. We saw AlexV take 1st in all but one of these events securing the top seed of the event by over 3500 points. Since he has already qualified his spots were given to those he played in the grand finals, Bass and ItaMaster411.

Roadmap & Structure

The Killer Instinct World Cup has featured a total of 34 community events as well as 7 official events. These community events were organized by many of those who have supported the scene since the last season. Including CyberFights and Surf and Turf. The official events include 5 Kombo Klash, 1 of which being international only and 2 last chance qualifiers.

The main event will feature 32 players total. Including the 7 auto qualifying spots and the remaining will all come up those on the top of the leader boards. Some big names in the finals include NickyFGC, AphexArcade and WheelsFGC. The tour closes out next month as we get to see who will receive the last spots. Time to see who qualifies from the International Kombo Klash and the last chance qualifiers.



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