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Halo Championship Series : NA Regional

Anaheim Regional Championship

The COVID-19 pandemic is now affecting the Halo Championship Series. They announced January 7th that many changes will be coming to the North America Regional in Anaheim California. The event is still set to take place in person but will have no spectators. Another change is the decision to move the open bracket online to lower the number of players at the live event.

The Anaheim Regional Championship will feature the 8 North America pro teams and the top 8 amateur as they battle it out. The Halo Championship Series will be releasing more information January 14th on how teams can qualify for the event and join the pro teams in the live event.

Partners Program

As the Halo Championship Series heads into the regional finals they have announce that we will be seeing many new organizations join the partners program. We should we hearing more into on the new faces to Halo shortly after the regional final. Many of those expected to join the program include organizations like Kansas City Pioneers who made it farther then some of the pro teams at the opening event.



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