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Halo Championship Series : Major 1 - Raleigh, NC

HCS Raleigh Open Bracket Recap

The Halo Championship Series is officially back ! We saw 214 teams battle it out at the kickoff major in Raleigh North Carolina. The event features 3 total stages including Open Bracket, Pool Play and Championship Bracket. Those who missed out on a spot in pool play were put into the largest open bracket in Halo's history.

Only the top 16 teams in open will move onto the championship bracket. Half coming from losers and half from winners. Some of big names we saw make it out of open bracket include Team War, Built by Gamers and Status Quo. We also saw Sentinels make it out after forfeiting their pool play spot due to an investigation by 343 Industries.

Championship Bracket

The second day of HCS Raleigh kicked off the remainder of pool play. We also saw the first few rounds of the championship bracket. We only saw 1 major upset in the top half of the bracket with Acend taking down G2 Esports 3-0 after placing last in their pool group.

Championship Sunday

Championship Sunday kicks off with only 16 of the original 214 teams remaining. Only 6 of the 16 open bracket teams remain but all of which kicked off day 3 in losers. Day 3 kicked off with seed 1 OpTic Gaming taking on seed 4 Cloud 9 which we saw Cloud 9 taking it 3-2.

Once all the dust settled we saw Cloud 9 take it 4-1 over EUnited in the grand finals. They will take home a total of $140,000 as well as 25,000 pro points. This brings the end to the first phase of the 2021-2022 HCS season. The next event on the roadmap will be in Anaheim California February 11-13th.

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