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GYO Score : Road To Indy Combine

Road To Indy - 2021

The Esports Combine returned for it's second year this past October. We once again saw GYO Score and the Indiana Sports Corporation team up to give esports competitors across the nation a chance to showcase themselves. This year featured over 120 high school and universities. Some of these schools included Ball State University who helped production over the 3 day virtual convention.

We saw near 500 students sign up for the convention in hopes to earn scholarships for gaming. The event featured showcase matches for Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends and Overwatch. One of the high schools participating was Unit 5 who take out anyone who apposed them in both Overwatch and Rocket League.

GYO Score

GYO is a platform built by gamers, for gamers, and seeks to help players with automated coaching advice, stats analysis, and introductions to professional coaches and scouts. They hope to help students chase their dreams and find success in the emerging esports world. They understand that any gamers today face a similar challenge. They believe they have the skills and perseverance to ascend the leader boards and join the ranks of professional stardom, but there is no support or guidance on how to move forward.

Success Stories

Between the 2020 and 2021 Esports Combines we saw over $100,000 given out in yearly scholarships. Many of GYO Score Success Stories involve students who may not have been able to pay for college if it wasn't for gaming.

Member XRAYTazr was the recipient of the Campbellsville University and in his words "Thanks to GYO, I'm now able to college!"

The most recent combine also saw member Venkon receive an offer to Lourdes University. Where they will compete on their varsity roster. He was discovered during the Summer Esports Combine.



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