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Glitch - Infinite

Glitch 8.5 Recap

The Glitch series have been running for many years but recently have faced challengers while hosting events throughout the covid-19 pandemic. The last event in the series Glitch 8.5 faced many challenges when it was planned in September of last year. Some of those included risking low attendance due to issues like travel restrictions and most other organizers banding together to not host during the uncertain times.

Despite everything going on over 400 players for Smash Brothers Ultimate traveled out to Laurel, Maryland. These players battled it out in the traditional Singles and Doubles bracket formats but the event also featured side events. Some of these side events featured brackets such as Squad Strike and Low Tiers.

Once the dust settled we saw ESAM take home 1st in Ultimate Singles and securing just over $3,000 in prize money. On top of that Marss and Light reigned victorious in Ultimate Doubles claiming 1st of 60 teams.

Glitch Infinite

The next event in the Glitch sage is Glitch Infinite which takes place February 17th-19th. This event is expanding on a lot of what Glitch has offered the community over the years. Players can now travel to Maryland to compete in many FGC titles such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gears Strive. The event currently has just over 830 players signed up with 700 of those being for the main event of Smash Brothers Ultimate.

You will be able to see many big names battle it out for the over $10,000 prize pool, including players such as returning champion ESAM, Sparg0 and Dabuz. This event being the first glitch to support games like Street Fighter V will make it a huge yearly stop for Maryland which is a city that does not always get the most love when it comes to events for the fighting game community.



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