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Final Boss returning to Halo ?

The legacy of Final Boss claim to fame.

If you been around esports long enough the name Final Boss might ring a bell. They are regarded by some as the most successful Halo team in the history of Major League Gaming. The roster has consisted of many players over the years. Including Dan "OGRE 1" Ryan, Ryan "Saiyan" Danford, Michael "StrongSide" Cavanaugh and Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese.

Final boss claim to fame began in Halo 2, when the squad was know as Shoot to Kill (StK). This roster went one to win 5 of the 6 inaugural MLG Halo 2 events. At this point they joined Team 3D and continued to dominate the scene. They brought a total of 5 additional championships to Team 3D before parting ways with the organization in 2006.

This is what began the true legacy of the name Final Boss. The squad then proceeded to win the next 4 major events bringing their total to 8 in a row. This record is still uncontested as the most consecutive tournament win streak under the MLG circuit. They were dethroned by Carbon in the 2007 championship event making it the first year that the OGRE twins did not win the national title.

The return of Final Boss ?

Many have speculated the return of Final Boss since the recent boom of the HCS has brought back some names we have not seen in nearly a decade. Sadly it looks like Final Boss will not be returning as a team or an organization. We will see the return of Final Boss through NFT’s (Ctypto-collectibles), Retail services, and entertainment services. This is confirmed by recent trademark paperwork filed via the Trademark Public Database.

It is unclear as to who officially owns the name and brand of Final Boss. The team was originally owned by Activation. This is due to an old rule where MLG use to own trademarks to all of those participating in the early editions of the pro league. Many believe that Sundance will be the owner heading forward. He is one of the original founders of MLG still with the company. Another hint to this was spotted when Sundance was revealed as the only account followed by Final Boss on social media.



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