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Expert Opinion : Why branding should be your #1 priority

What are some of the benefits to personal branding ?

Many in the esports scene do not take advantage of the benefits that come with branding yourself. Whether it is as a player, commentator or even a team owner a lot are missing out on opportunities to grow and further their careers. A problem I see a lot nowadays is most members of the esports scene are not willing to take that extra step. Simply because of the time it takes to build and grow a personal brand. They expect to see results overnight with no real work put into making it happen.

Many known brands in esports such as G-Fuel and Elgato require competitors and content creators to already have a person brand. Something so simple as a logo or trademark for yourself can be the deciding factor as to whether you receive that sponsorship you been trying forever to get.

My Opinion

I have personally been around esports for nearly a decade. I've also seen nearly everyone who started when I did either disband to close due to lack of backing. I use to think like many of these players who think success happens overnight. I learned through years of organizing events myself to running an esports organization that it simply does not happen on a normal basis.

I personally feel a lot of organizations fail in today's landscape due to the lack of personal branding. A big mistake I see is these teams advertising the players as members of the team. Instead of as content creators and personal images in the world of esports. I have found much success in the landscape of esports by allowing my players to advertise themselves first. Rather then forcing them to advertise my organization. I wish others learn to change their ways so we see less turn over in esports.



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