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ESL PUBG Masters

ESL PUBG Masters

ESL has teamed up with PUBG Corp to bring Americas and Europe 4 total ESL PUBG Masters tournaments in 2022. They will also be hosting 3 open tournaments in Europe throughout the year in hopes to expand the player base in the region. Each of these events will feature $50,000 and PUBG Global Championship Qualification points.

The Americas

The season has already started for the 1st of 4 Masters with 64 teams from both North America and LATAM battle it out to stay alive. These teams will battle it out over 3 rounds of play until only 8 remain. At this point of the competition those left will be joined by 16 invited teams from both regions to compete in the group stage finals.

After the dust has settled from this stage the best 8 teams from North America and LATAM will collide in the grand finals event which takes place over 6 days. These teams will compete in a total of 24 maps through the finals to see who gets to take home the title as well as the $12,500 prize pool that comes with it. Everyone in the grand finals earn both prize money and PUBG Global Championship Qualification points.


The Europe ESL PUBG Masters format is very different then its counterpart. It will feature a whopping 256 teams battling it out in a "super format". Only 16 teams will survive this stage and at this point these remaining few will battle it out to secure a spot in the group stage. We will then see the top 16 teams be paired up with 8 invited pro teams to see who will advance to the grand finals.

The Europe portion of this circuit will also feature a last chance stage where the bottom 16 teams in the group stage get a 2nd chance to qualify for the main event. You can catch the action starting April 7th. The dates and qualifiers for the remaining 2 ESL PUBG Masters have yet to be announce but keep your eyes peeled to see what is next for PUBG Esports.


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