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Dota Pro Circuit

Dota Pro Circuit

The Dota Pro Circuit is the largest esports circuit in the world and it is not even close. Between the world wide reach of the game and the massive success of the franchise Dota is on the road to being the top dog for many years if not decades to come.

The International being the main event of the year for Dota brings together the best 18 teams globally as they battle it out for over 40 million dollars alone which excludes the over 30 million paid out world wide all year long. The top 8 teams all walk away with at least a million with the champions taking just shy of 19 million.

The 2021 season ended with Team Spirit taking it over PSG.LGD in the grand finals. This was a major upset considering that Team Spirit had to fight through the last chance qualifier to even make the event. On top of having to qualify for the event they were one of the teams who had to play in hotel rooms a 3rd of the size of those who qualified beforehand.

Value, the owner and creators of Dota did not give every team involved the same treatment which lead to a lot of backlash. Teams such as Team Spirit had rooms a fraction of the size of others and also had no internet access for days which hurt the time they could scrim and practice before the event. Despite all the odds Team Spirit shows everyone just why you should always chase your dreams.

DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1 : Regional Finals

The Dota Pro Circuit is heading into the first regional finals where we will see 4 teams from each major region battle it out for $600,000 total. We will see players from North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and China battle it out for some of the first pro tour points of the year.

We will see these teams battle it out in a double elimination best of 5 bracket February 18th to 20th. Although all teams in this stage are earning prize money only the top 2 will be earning pro points to add some additional pressure to those involved. No matter where you live you can catch the action in 4 languages from English to Russian. You can find a list of the teams below.

North America

- Quincy Crew


- Evil Geniuses

- 4 Zoomers

South America

- Thunder Awaken

- Infamous

- Beastcoast

- APU King of Kings

Eastern Europe

- Team Spirit

- PuckChamp


- HellRaisers

Western Europe

- Team Liquid

- Team Tickles

- Tundra Esports

- Redbull OG

Southeast Asia

- BOOM Esports

- Fnatic

- T1

- Team SMG



- Team Aster

- Royal Never Give Up




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