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Dead By Daylight Streamer Reacts to the new Portrait of a Murder Update/DLC

I recently spoke to Vampire Toy, also known as VT, A Dead by Daylight Streamer about the recent DLC that had come out on November 30th and her opinion on the topic. VT has been playing for over three years and has recently reached a new milestone; 2,000 hours of gameplay. “I was very excited to see what this new chapter would bring and was going into the DLC with an open mind. The trailer was very exciting!” Vampire Toy said with hope that this DLC would be a great one and she would very much enjoy it.

Excited and ready to play, she went into the new DLC after watching the trailer with only one expectation; “The only thing I was hoping for from this chapter was that maybe the killer could use the crows around them in the environment to gain their power but apparently, they decided against a killer based on this mechanic.” But soon after playing Killer, Vt’s mind changed; “My first impressions of the Artist were... not positive. My first impression was that her ability was incredibly strong and I felt it could be strong in the hands of any person, regardless of their experience in the game.”

In terms of playing the new map, Vampire Toy enjoyed it very much. “I love the new map, I think it's really beautiful and the loops seem interesting. I haven't had a chance to take a good look at it yet but it seems like fun. Very multi-leveled, for sure.”

Even after her experience with first trying the DLC, VT still enjoys every single update that the Dead By Daylight come up with. “Yes, I'm always excited for new content on Dead by Daylight. It always intrigues me to see what they'll do next.”

When it comes to getting the new update, VT says; “If you stream or play the game religiously, yes, get the new chapter. You probably have it already. If you're someone who is casual with Dead by Daylight, definitely get some of the other DLCs over this one.”

Check out VampireToy’s Twitch Channel here along with her first reaction to the DLC.



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