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Collegiate Rocket League 2022

European Expansion

Collegiate Rocket League will be expending to Europe for the first time in the history of the CRL. They will be taking a different approach to involving the rest of the world in Collegiate Rocket League. We will be seeing a community first approach that involves multiple regional events where the best of the best will be invited to compete in the CRL World Championships.

2022 Season Information

The 2022 season of Collegiate Rocket League kicks off January 29th and runs until February 6th where 28 colleges will qualify to compete for $100,000 in scholarships. These teams will face off against the top 4 teams from the previous season. We will see the best 16 teams from each region of North America battle it out through February and March to see who will be crowned the champion.

This up and coming season will be split into a Fall and Spring season as many of the previous seasons have followed. Those who miss out on the chance to qualify for the CRL Spring Championship will still be given the chance to throughout the season in the CCA.

CCA and the future of CRL

The CCA will also be making its return this season. This allows all those teams who missed out on the opportunity to compete in the higher events to stay warm during the year. We will see 4 open events take place between February and March. These events will also grant points and scholarship money to give players around the world the chance to still play and peruse their dreams.



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