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Capcom Creators Program

Capcom Creators Program

Capcom kicked off the new year with a huge announcement. They have decided to create the Capcom Creators Program. The program is designed for content creators and competitive players of any Capcom title such as Street Fighter V and Resident Evil. The program is currently only open to those in the United States of America but soon will be open those across the world.

How to apply & get perks ?

If you are looking to apply for the Capcom Creators Program you can head over to and fill out the application. The Capcom Creators Program is an exclusive program designed to support and grow those who support those titles produced by Capcom.

Some of the benefits of the program include things such as game keys, beta access and care packages, both physical and digital. Capcom will also be working directly with Twitch to give bonus incentives to those who live stream. These incentives include things such as Twitch TakeOvers and other paid opportunities within the platform.



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