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Call of Duty XP : Collegiate League

CollegeXP 2022

The team behind CollegeXP are bringing you another season of collegiate Call of Duty. This year they are making a few changes such as only allowing non scholastic schools to compete. This choice has caused many issues due to some current controversies happening in the Call of Duty collegiate scene.

Many in the Call of Duty collegiate scene have started to voice their concerns about those few programs who use unconventional ways to win championships. The past year of the Call of Duty collegiate scene has been hit with many programs using players who do not qualify as collegiate players or using players who do not even attend the programs in general.

The next season of CollegeXP is set to fix many of these issues by not allowing schools to cheat their way into the scene. The next season kicks off January 24th and runs until April 3rd.

CollegeXP Partners With CODAgent

CollegeXP recently announced a partnership with CODAgent, a tournament platform. This partnership will allow both groups to organize cups and other events mid season for schools and players to have more opportunities to compete through the year.



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