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Call of Duty Warzone Review

New Features, New Event and New Map

Call of Duty Warzone has become extremely popular in the past couple of months but due to many bugs and the game constantly freezing, weapon glitches, and other in-game glitches, this led players, including myself to turn to other games. But this led to a lot of new updates being released than intended by the developers, which are slowly but surely fixing the big issues that are happening to players in-game. This is the sixth patch release since the new map Caldera launched on December 9th.

The new map Caldera, provides a more tropical and island feel to Warzone. With waterfalls, palm trees, and even animals that inhabit the island, players get to experience a new side of Call of Duty Warzone. After seeing players trying out the new vanguard 1944 map and mode, I decided to test it out for myself. First off, there were no glitches when I played for two whole matches, which surprised me.

One of the features I was amazed by was the new assortment of 1944 aspired weapons to choose from and upgrade for this mode. Even though I was used to playing my original Black Ops Cold War layout, I enjoyed using and choosing a different weapon for once. The new features of the map also offered supply crates, bounties to hunt, and supply crates to pick up. Due to Christmas literally being right around the corner, they also included Krampus who would hunt your squad, and some elves to hunt down and kill. Vehicles! That came as a huge shock to me due to seeing them only in Call of Duty Mobile. You could control airplanes, trucks, and the like. Except when the airplanes can shoot you down and kill you.

The new event is known as Festive Feror and allows players to complete challenges to unlock holiday loot. Players who complete all challenges on Vanguard and Warzone will receive a huge bonus award. The event also features a new battle pack known as Krampus Unleased, which can be unlocked with CP, that players can purchase in-store.

The new update includes 40 new weapons, a new battle pass, and a new big map.

But the one thing that developers are getting out is a new anti-cheat tool known as Ricochet Anti-Cheat's kernel-level driver. As most players know Call of Duty Warzone has a cheating problem. Many players freely use wallhacks and aimbots to cheat in games, which can also crash other players' games. Ricochet will benefit by doing a very deep look into your PC to make it easier to detect any cheating software. Developers are hoping this will put an end to cheating in Both Vanguard and Warzone. But the anti-cheat program is not rolling out in a day. Many regions will have to wait a bit longer before it rolls out. Players will know the anti-cheating software is live when they see the Ricochet logo pop up when starting up the game on the loading screen.



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