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Call of Duty Mobile 2022 Roadmap

Call of Duty Mobile 2021 Season Recap

The 2021 season of Call of Duty Mobile faced many hiccups while trying to operate a hybrid season of both online and in person events. We were originally suppose to see the best 16 teams globally battle it out in person for a grand total of 2 million dollars. Due to current events at the time Activation decided to move the championship event online as well as divide it between 2 regions.

The championship event was then split into West and East finals as we saw those 16 teams who qualified be joined by 8 teams from a last chance qualifier to make the competition more exciting. West consisted of North America, South America and Europe while East consisted of only Asia.

Once the dust settled we saw Tribe Gaming and Blacklist International Ultimate reign victorious each taking home $300,000 total. We will see many teams returning for the next season with hosts of having a true championship event this year.

Call of Duty Mobile 2022 Roadmap

The 2022 season of the Call of Duty Mobile will feature 5 total stages of play starting with solo play and leading into the world championship finals. Starting later this month players can earn a spot in the team phase of the competition by achieving a high enough solo rank in game. Then those who qualified will be able to form teams and fight to earn 1 of 3 spots for their regional playoffs.

All 5 regions will battle it out through summer to decide the 8 teams who will be representing their region in the playoffs and finals soon after. The league also returns with YouTube Gaming as the broadcasting partner of the season. You can catch all the action starting March 28th.


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