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Call of Duty League : Vanguard Challengers

Call of Duty Challengers : LATAM

Starting in 2022 Challengers will expand to Latin America for the first time. This will allow players from over 15 countries to compete for the first time. Some of the countries eligible for this region include Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

With the addition of LATAM to the Challengers circuit it does beg the question. Will it be outcast-ed like the Australia and New Zealand has been in the past? These players are invited to compete in Cups and Opens. Sadly this region will not be included in either the Scouting Grounds or Elite related events. The league has announced that more path to pro opportunities will be coming. The question is if this will include LATAM or Asia Pacific regions.

2021-2021 Scouting Grounds

We will not be seeing many changes to the format for either Scouting Grounds or Elite heading into the next season. The Scouting Grounds will offer the chance of glory to the top 8 teams in both North America and Europe. On top of the opportunity to grow in their careers these teams will also face off for $50,000 per region.

2021 Challengers Finals Racap

The 2020-2021 Call of Duty Challengers season featured online circuits for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The season consisted of 26 events including the finals. North America and Europe consisted of 24 teams qualifying while the remaining 8 teams came from the last chance qualifiers. Asia Pacific only included 16 teams total with 4 making it out of the qualifiers.

A total of 80 teams from across the globe competed for a total of $250,000. We saw many of the top teams fall in the group stage. Some of those teams being SLiK Gaming and SpeedDemons. Both entered as the top 10 seed but did not manage to qualify for the championship bracket. Once the carnage settled we saw "We Are Trying Now" , The Atlas Lions and Renegades each take 1st in their respected regions.



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