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Best games to play that will help with your seasonal depression!

Winter is sadly upon us and these games listed below will help you with seasonal depression. Animal Crossing, New Horizons, New World, and Stardew Valley.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can spend hours playing on your island and decorating it along with traveling to other islands and exploring. You could spend hours fishing, swimming, or even just sitting on a beach chair watching the waves crash on your island. You could visit the Roast and have a nice cup of coffee or even just spend time with your villagers.

New World and Stardew Valley offer the player open worlds to explore, build and create; providing them with endless hours of relaxing and destressing their brains. Even though New World is also a violent video game but killing enemies, crafting, and completing quests allow the player to feel not only accomplished but enjoy the many weapons and magic that are dying to be explored and used to defeat the dark forces at work.

Cozy up and enjoy these great games!



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