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ARCREVO America 2021-2022

ARC System Works is back again for another edition of ARCREVO. ARCREVO is their tournament series that bring the best players from across the United States of America to battle it out for a total of $30,000 and some HitBox fightsticks. This year ARCREVO will feature Guilty Gears Strive since it is currently the premier title of the studio.

The action kicked off December 11th and the qualifiers will run until February 5th. At this point in the competition only the best 2 players per region, 10 total will be invited out to the championship event taking place in Southern California early March 2022.


So far we have seen 3 regions battle it out to secure a spot in the championship event. We have seen Mexico, North America Central and North America East settle the score. Near a thousand total players have signed up for all 5 qualifiers. Some of those qualified players include Intel Gaming player Razzo and Daze.

The next regions to battle it out include Canada and North America West. The Canada qualifier will include over a 100 players where North America West is projected to have near 300 players like the East qualifiers did. The top 2 players from these qualifiers will join the other 6 players later this year in the ARCREVO America Championships.



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