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ALGS Split 1 Playoffs - North America

Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series is a world wide circuit that features 40 teams from each region as they all battle it out to see who is the Apex Predator. The 2021-2022 season will be split up between 2 splits with it all ending July 2022 at the Apex Legends Global Series Championships. As we enter the halfway mark of the season many teams are looking to stay alive in the competition.

When the series kicked off we saw 20 North American rosters invited based on the previous year events while the other 20 were invited through multiple qualifiers. Some of those invited included TSM, the reigning X-Games champions, Team Liquid and Sentinels.

In the regular season we saw these 40 teams battle it out for a total of $125,000 with nearly 25% of it going to 1st place. The first stage of the pro league took place over 6 weeks where we saw 36 total matches being played. Once the Apex Predator was claimed we saw Sentinels come out on top. While only 20 teams of each region made the playoffs those who did not place in the bottom 8 will remain for split 2.

Split 1 Playoffs

The top 20 teams will collide January 23rd 2022. They will be fighting for an additional $250,000 in prize money as well as points for the end of year championship event. The format for the Apex Legends Global Series Playoffs will be similar to that of past majors. Each team will have to reach 50 points before they are Match Point Eligible. At this point a team must win a match to be declared the champions.



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