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ALGS Split 1 Playoffs - Global

Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series is a world wide circuit that features 40 teams from each region as they all battle it out to see who is the Apex Predator. The 2021-2022 season will be split up between 2 splits with it all ending July 2022 at the Apex Legends Global Series Championships. As we enter the halfway mark of the season many teams are looking to stay alive in the competition.

South America

The South America Apex Legends Pro League featured many rosters we have seen before such as Team Singularity and Elevate. The 40 teams representing South America battled it out for a total of $62,500 in the regular season. The upcoming playoffs for South America will be on January 15th and feature an additional $125,000 to be split among the top 20 rosters.


The EMEA region, new to Apex Legends and many other esports scenes was given a pro league spotlight this year and it is not looking to disappoint. Many organizations saw this as the perfect opportunity to jump into the scene. Teams such as Guild Esports and Rebel scouted out teams for this year.

This region also covers the largest area of countries and nations in the tour which is why is has been given $125,000 for the regular season on top of an additional $250,000 in the playoffs for players across not only Europe to compete for. You can catch the best of the best from this side of the world battle it out January 16th.


The APAC region of the Apex Legends World Series will be split into North and South to make it easier for everyone to compete online without to many internet issues among the players. Both these regions combined will be competing for $187,500 during the regular season and $375,000 in the playoffs.

Some teams to watch out for in this region include Riddle, APAC North Champions and Reignite, APAC South Champions. You can catch these regions battle it out January 16th and 22nd.



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