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AfreecaTV StarCraft League

AfreecaTV StarCraft League Remastered Season 13

We are heading into the 13th season of the AfreecaTV StarCraft League and this year they are back better then ever. AfreecaTV has partnered with both Hot6 and LG Ultragear to bring us another world class season. This season features an insane prize pool of 80,000,000 KRW, which converts to roughly $66,000 USD. The champion of season 13 will take home 30 million total with the rest being split between the other 27 players.

Season 13 will feature 28 players from across all of Asia as they will travel to South Korea on April 7th. The players are for the most part easily split between Protoss, Terran and Zerg representation. We will see 24 players from the 2 online qualifiers while the other 4 earned their spots from season 12. The pre qualified players include Mini, Rush, hero and Zer0.

The event will be split into 3 stages. These being 2 group stages ending with a playoff bracket. The 24 qualifying players will be put into groups where they will battle it out until only 16 remain. At this point those remaining will be joined by the 4 pre qualifying teams. Stage 2 of the competition will feature more group play while players battle it out for a spot in the final 8. These 8 will then battle it out in a single elimination bracket to see who will be crowned the season 13 champion.



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